Jeans, Suits & Pants

Designer Jeans and Regular Jeans

for Both Women and Men

jeans copyYour jeans need to fit perfectly! We understand how important jeans are to your wardrobe. They need to have the perfect length, waist, tapering or not, all help complete the look you are seeking. Zipper replacements done when necessary. Designer hems are done upon request and have an additional cost.

Please wash all cotton pants and jeans before fitting. This precaution eliminates shrinkage. Bring or wear shoes with the proper heel height so we can make sure the length is perfect.

Suits and Pants

for Both Women and Men

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All alterations necessary are done, including sleeves, backs, sides, collars, length, hems, and tailoring. We strive to give you a professional look for all occasions. Women’s and men’s pants are given the same treatment as jeans. Give us a try!